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Panforte of Siena

[viral-lock]Panforte is a traditional Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts, and resembles fruitcake orLebkuchen. It may date back to 13th century Siena, in Italy's Tuscany region. Documents from 1205 show that panforte was paid to the monks and nuns of a local monastery as a tax or tithewhich was due on the seventh of February that year. Literally, panforte means "strong bread" which refers to the spi ...

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Stufatino or spezzatino (Tuscan stew)

In fact it was one of the few dishes available to those who couldn‚Äôt afford the better, more expensive cuts of meat. Just like many dishes of this tradition it has many variations. Some add red wine to the cooking water, some brown the meat in chopped onion, carrot and celery and garlic. It often includes potatoes, quartered and cooked with the meat. INGREDIENTS FOR 6 1 kg. of shin beef ¬Ĺ kg. ripe tomatoes ...

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